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Basic Operating Principles of Avocado Sauna Club

While serving the guests, we are governed by world standards of service which appear as a starting point for performance of duties of the company’s employees.
Avocado Sauna Club currently holds a steady position in the market of health improvement services.
We use an individual approach to every guest, pay attention to their needs and continuously improve our level of proficiency. We feel satisfied with our work only provided we exceed expectations of our guests.

Our Mission
We create good mood, pleasure and perfect conditions for leisure activities of our guests.

Strategic Objective
To be a leader in this service sector.

• We treat each guest with respect and care.
• We guarantee polite servicing and friendly reception to the guests.
• We ensure tranquility, safety and confidentiality for our guests.
• We are extremely scrupulous in execution of our work and work for results.
• We aspire to financial success of each employee and the company on the whole.
• We display honesty, care and mutual assistance in relations with colleagues.
• We create an atmosphere in which every employee could achieve his/her personal and professional goals